Our Story

The Puresport Origin & Mission

Puresport was created out of a real athlete’s yearning for healthy, safe, and legal alternatives to deal with pain relief. Following a string of knee injuries, Glasgow Warriors’ scrum-half Grayson Hart was seeking an effective remedy to his constant joint pain. Even though he received quality physio treatment at the club, there was no noticeable improvement of his excruciating condition.

Naturally, all of the prescriptive drugs he used produced various adverse effects on his mind and body: he felt lethargic, unmotivated, and also suffered from disrupted sleep. In light of this wholly negative impact on his body, he began to search for natural alternatives to his growing problem.

After CBD (cannabidiol) and its benefits were widely recognised within the United States, but not so much in the UK, Grayson was eager to try it out. The CBD had a transformative effect as it allowed him to completely come off pain killers and continue with his career unimpeded. Grayson put his head together with teammate Adam Ashe and the two decided to try and create the world’s most trusted and effective CBD products and be a brand that created a community that helped raise awareness on the benefits of natural alternatives to optimise the lives of people from all walks of life.

Triple Lab Testing & Safety

Before Puresport, Grayson was unable to find CBD products that could guarantee they were safe to take for a professional athlete or anyone that undergoes drug testing in their workplace. He also found it very concerning that no CBD companies were willing to be transparent with their lab reports and prove what was in the products, there was also some concerning information in the media about CBD brands mislabelling their products.

When starting the brand, the highest priority was to ensure there was no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and that the products contained exactly what the label said in terms of strength and quality of ingredients along with the assurance of no contaminants and pesticides. This is why Puresport triple lab tests all of our products across three different laboratories in Europe. All lab reports and certificates can be found here. We set out to be the most trusted, educational and transparent CBD brand in the world and so far we are glad to be leading the way.


While we pride ourselves on our CBD products and Nootropics, we are motivated to provide value through more than just our products. We are driven to create a community of likeminded individuals who love our products but also have a shared vision to look after their health and wellbeing. Those who want to steer away from the quick fix mentality to a bigger picture health movement that consists of an active lifestyle and positive changes in our day-to-day perspectives on health and well-being. Our community has many facets, as well as being a customer and using our products, we also have our Puresport Run Club and Fitness Club which exist online and in person. We are driven to inspire others to take their mental and physical wellness into their own hands. Check out PS Clubs for more details.

We believe connection through community is such an important part of our wellbeing and we’re honoured to have the opportunity to connect with our Puresport family.

Our Mission

Everyone has the potential for greatness. The ability to improve, progress and be better than they were yesterday. For some this is a daily pursuit. One that requires your mind and body to be working at their absolute best. Like you, we’re driven to go further in the arena of life.

We’re committed to exploring the potential CBD and Nootropics has to improve our health, wellbeing and lives. Through innovation and rigorous testing, we develop CBD and Nootropics products of the highest quality. Ones that work synergistically with your body’s natural receptors to fuel your passion for performance.

We don’t believe high performance is for athletes only. Whether you need to perform on the sports field, at work, with the kids or whatever it may be for you individually, we want to help you Go Further and perform at your optimal.

This is Puresport and together we will #GoFurther.