Ben Parker

Professional Running Coach

“I can now do more & run further week in week out without the worry of how my body is going to feel tomorrow since using Pure Sport products.” – Ben Parker

Personal Highlights

Hi I’m Ben, a professional running coach based in Richmond, London. I’ve spent years coaching runners of all abilities to be the best versions of themselves.

I got into fitness at the age of 15, with my main focus getting bigger and stronger in the gym. In my final year of university I decided to embark on a challenge to run 2500km in a year, at a time when running was unfamiliar to me. This journey led me to pursue several different endurance sports, including long distance running, cycling and swimming.

After spending 2 years running the fitness department at a 5* Resort on the Greek Island of Rhodes, I came home to set up ‘Ben Parker Fitness’ where I took my passion for helping runners to the next level.

My endurance sports led me to complete in an Ironman in 2018, In 2019 I ranked 4th in my age group of UK athletes – now I am desperately hoping to race again in the quest of qualifiying for the world championships in Kona.

During the various lockdowns, I’ve been pushing my own personal limits, achieving PBs across every distance from 1 mile through to the Marathon. Recently, I’ve been dabbling in ultramarathons, running laps of Richmond Park covering 128km in 17 hours and separately qualifying for this years’ ultramarathon world championships.

In 2021 I launched my new running coaching business The Run Buddy to help bring my expertise to runners all over the world. Conventionally, running plans were very basic, generic and lacked any personalisation, with the only alternative option being paying for expensive coaching. We’ve brought the same workouts, comments, tips and tricks that I give to my private clients, at a fraction of the price.

I hope to help others and myself to continue to #GoFurther, achieve new pbs and live a happier, healthier life.