Lloyd Kempson

Head Coach Puresport Run Club, Founder of Team Project Run, Full time running coach, 5,000m – marathon athlete

“I’ve been using Pure Sport products since November 2020 and joined the team as ambassador pretty soon after. The products speak for themselves in terms of what they have done for me and my personal well-being. I’ve made it no secret that I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and it’s affected my sleep quality tremendously. As an athlete running up to 100 miles a week alongside running a business and coaching runners all in one, sleep is my biggest recovery tool. Without Pure Sport in my corner, I wouldn’t be able to run the day, work the day or coach it.” – Lloyd Kempson

Personal Highlights

Proudest achievement was coaching an athlete for two years to the London Marathon, then running my debut marathon pacing her in that race to a 19 minute PB, that was special.

Nickname: Mr Running Community

For Coaching Plans for 5kms – Ultra Marathons please visit: https://teamprojectrun.com/


Email: [email protected]