Jenny Tong

GB Weightlifter, Record Holder and BWL Pathway Coach

“PureSport CBD products have changed my approach to recovery and pain management. Not only have they allowed me to ditch the strong anti-inflammatory pills I’d been relying on for years, I can now take a more holistic approach to improving my performance, from managing stress and anxiety to improved sleep quality.” – Jenny Tong

Personal Highlights

Jenny is a GB Weightlifter, record holder and BWL Pathway Coach. Training 5-6x a week, she manages her training alongside working as a coach and Clean Sport Research Assistant while completing a part-time Masters Degree in Law at York University. Jenny is also on the board of Directors for British Weightlifting, making her one of the youngest NGB directors in sporting history. Her work sees her apply her coaching ethos to recreational and elite athletes across varying pathways and communities of all ages. Jenny is a tenacious, critically-minded character with a passion for lifting and empowering others, who is not afraid to challenge the status quo.