Josh Patterson

“I have been using Pure Sport CBD since I began my training for Run4Nations. I used a wide range of the products to support my daily requirements. For me the Balm is my number 1. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wake up in pain or feeling sore, it’s become the norm. Since using the balm it’s improved things dramatically. The CLARITY drops really have supported me on my quest for a better and deeper nights sleep” – Josh Patterson (JP)

Personal Highlights

Josh Patterson is someone who over the past few year’s has stepped up his passion for testing his limits. Doing things that have never been done before. He doesn’t focus on one singular thing. Depending on the inspiration his next challenge can literally be anything. This is what makes him unique within the industry. Over the past few years he’s successfully become the first person to do the Berlin marathon by wheelchair, broken the record doing JOGLE by race chair, running a 24 hour ultra in a 14ft circle, and soon to become the first person to run a marathon in all for countries in the UK in 24 hours. To most what he does may not make sense, but to him each and everyone serves a purpose.