Pure Sport Run Club & Fitness Club

Join the Pure Sport Community! We’ve launched two awesome clubs that you can be a part of to keep active and connected this year! Right now they are virtual, but when restrictions ease, you bet we’ll be having in person events and meet ups!

Pure Sport Run Club

The Pure Sport Run Club – for the community, by the community. Lead by in-house Head of Running Relations Will Goodge and running expert Lloyd Kempson, we want our members all over the world to get out and enjoy running.

Trail, road, track. Wherever, running is an amazing way to get not just body fit, but mind fit. Our values at Pure Sport are providing products to aid both your body and mind. We’d love for you to join the Pure Sport Run Club and smash your goals along side a community of like minded individuals!

There are challenges that unlock rewards and prizes (including discounts, exclusive merch and more), you can also get tips from running experts and when restrictions allow, we’ll have in person meet ups!
If you’re new to running we have a 0-5km training plan, and specific challenges just for you.

Join Pure Sport Run Club on Strava

Share your runs with us with #PureSportRunClub and tag @puresportcbd on social media.

Pure Sport Fitness Club

We bring you the Pure Sport Fitness Club lead by new recruit and home WOD specialist James Dollah.
This is your chance to be an OG member of the most enjoyable fitness club on the internet and unlock exclusive merchandise that can’t be bought with money, only sweat.
PS FC is completely free and open to all levels. We’re kicking off with 4 home workouts over 4 weeks, released every Wednesday, each programmed by a guest coach. All you need is one dumbbell or kettlebell (or get creative, fill a backpack with books, use milk bottles etc).
To sign up, head to Instagram and share this post on your story, tagging @puresportcbd and we will send you the secret Pure Sport Fitness Club password! Or if you aren’t on Instagram, simply email us on [email protected] and we will send you the password.

Next download the free WODProof app, go to settings, Training Programs/Communities, All Training Programs and search “PureSport Fitness Club”, then enter the password and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve joined the club, complete and video all 4 of the workouts using the inbuilt workout timer in the WODProof App. Submit your scores and post a screenshot or portion of the video to Instagram making sure to tag @puresportcbd and #puresportfitnessclub.
There are no winners or losers, everyone that completes the requirements unlocks codes!
However we will also be picking people along the way to win EXCLUSIVE Pure Sport Fitness Club merch as we go.
Join the PS FC tell your friends and have some fun keeping fit with a good crew!

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