Soothing Hand Sanitiser Bundles – 100mg CBD & Aloe Vera 30ml Bottle


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Our Pure Sport CBD antibacterial hand sanitiser with Aloe Vera and Terpenes. Each 30ml bottle has 100mg of CBD distillate with a wonderfully refreshing scent.

This quick drying formula is convenient to use with 75% alcohol killing off viruses and bacteria in seconds.

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What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are classified as fragrant oils that exist in various plants. A lot of people recognise terpenes as the compounds that give the cannabis plant its recognisable scent. Not to be confused with the sticky crystals on the leaves and buds of cannabis called trichomes, terpenes could be considered related, but are not the same.

Terpenes will protect your hands against inflammatory diseases and enhance skin penetration.