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Pure Sport was born because two athletes wanted to create a safe pain relief product such as CBD oil, and they wanted to create this opportunity for their fellow professional athletes. Pure Sport has been well received in the market, so much so, that our customer base is now not only athletes, but a wide variety of people, and our vision has evolved from helping athletes to helping everyone who could benefit from CBD. We really value our community, and we are so grateful to each of our customers. And with the growth of our community, we saw a need for a lower dosage introductory CBD oil, which brings us to the introduction of the Pure Sport 500mg CBD oil.

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted and advanced CBD products on the market, and this 500mg CBD oil lives up to our values. A pure broad spectrum 0% THC CBD with an all natural MCT carrier oil.

  • 500mg CBD Oil Tincture – 30ml | Broad Spectrum | 0% THC
    £37.99 or £32.29 / month

We’ve designed this milder dosage CBD oil for people who:

  • Are new to CBD and want to try it out first.
  • Are looking for a lower cost CBD oil.
  • May be more sensitive to CBD.
  • Are older or less active.
  • Have a lighter frame and may not require a stronger dose.

One of our key focuses is to help as many people as we can to live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. We understand that CBD oil isn’t cheap, and all though our reviews speak for themselves, if you have never tried CBD oil before it can seem a bit risky to spend so much on one bottle, right? We completely understand this and that is part of the reason we made the 500mg CBD oil. It is our way of trying to bridge the gap and make CBD a little bit more accessible to everyone. We hope that you try it, get great results like our other customers, and next time, you can either move to a higher dosage, or you might find 500mg is the right dosage for you. That is another thing, someone with a smaller frame is unlikely to need the same amount as a rugby player. So try out the 500mg, see how your body reacts, and then decide.

How to use CBD oil

Dosage for CBD will differ for everyone. Our recommended dosage is normally 30-60mg of CBD per serving for our 1000mg and 2000mg CBD oils, up to 3 times a day. Based on the table below, this would mean 12 drops to get 30mg of CBD, seems like a lot right? As this is our lower dosage 500mg CBD oil, you would be best starting with 3-6 drops per serving and see how your body reacts. You might find this works perfectly, or if you need a little more then you can increase the number of drops. If you find that you are using 12+ drops per dosage, you may want to consider the 1000mg CBD oil on your next order. But again this is completely your choice, we’re here to give you the tools and it is up to you to find what works for you.

All Pure Sport CBD oils can be used at any time of the day. For sleep, it is best to use 30 minutes before going to bed.

Do not exceed 180mg per day.

The most effective way to take CBD oil is by administering the drops under your tongue and leaving it for 30 seconds to absorb before swallowing it. You can also use it in drinks like your morning coffee.

We are excited to bring you this new product and hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us on [email protected].