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Snatch Tutorial

With GB Weightlifter Chris Murray

17:30 mins


Intermediate – Advanced


Learn to Clean and Jerk

15 Minutes

Technique Cues: Clean First Pull

  1. Start Position – Weight distributed through the ball to mid of the foot -Bar inline with the armpit crease -Bar behind the base of the big toe.
  2. Transition – Drive with the legs while maintaining a strong posture – Keep the bar close to your shins and
  3. End of First Pull -Weight distributed through the mid foot -Armpit crease above the bar & shins vertical

Meet Chris Murray

Chris Murray is already a two-time British Champion at the age of 21, and is one of the biggest prospects in British weightlifting. Having trained as a competitive diver when he was younger, Chris turned his focus to weightlifting in his late teens and quickly became British champion in 2018, which he retained the following year. Chris holds all of the junior British records in his weight class and has two English titles to go with his British Championships. Away from weightlifting, Chris is studying for a degree in Sport & Exercise Science at Loughborough University.