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Pure Sport Run Club – Running Form

With Ben Parker

6 mins




PS Run Club - Running Form

6 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Your running form matters more than you may think, especially if you’re looking to improve your speed or distance.

Proper running form enables you to run longer distances at greater intensity with less pain or discomfort. Let Ben Parker guide you through techniques for improving your form which will help you become a better runner.

It’s important to remember that habits can be difficult to break because they feel familiar so don’t worry if making changes doesn’t feel right straight away. However, making these small alterations now will really enhance your running experience in the near future. Try practicing your running technique and form on your easy runs.

Technique Cues: Clean First Pull

  1. Start Position – Weight distributed through the ball to mid of the foot -Bar inline with the armpit crease -Bar behind the base of the big toe.
  2. Transition – Drive with the legs while maintaining a strong posture – Keep the bar close to your shins and
  3. End of First Pull -Weight distributed through the mid foot -Armpit crease above the bar & shins vertical

Meet Ben Parker

A professional running coach based in Richmond, London. I’ve spent years coaching runners of all abilities to be the best versions of themselves.

In 2021 Ben launched a new running coaching business ‘The Run Buddy’ to help bring my expertise to runners all over the world. Conventionally, running plans were very basic, generic and lacked any personalisation, with the only alternative option being paying for expensive coaching. We’ve brought the same workouts, comments, tips and tricks that I give to my private clients, at a fraction of the price.

For more information contact us here or get in touch with Ben Parker directly:
Instagram: @benparkerfitness