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Pure Sport Run Club Strength Series

With Alex Morrell

9 mins


All Levels

Kettlebell or Dumbbell

PS Run Club Strength Series

9 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Welcome to the Pure Sport Run Club Strength Series.
The perfect training programme to enhance your running performance and reduce your chances of injury.

All of which can be completed from home with minimal equipment.

In episode 1 of the Strength Series we are working on;

  • Hip & Core Strength & Stability
  • Single Leg & Glute Strength
  • Hamstring Strength
  • Calf & Ankle Strength
  • Upper Body Strength

If you haven’t already make sure you take the Pure Sport Run Club Testing Battery and also support your running performance and injury prevention with the Pure Sport Run Club Running Prep.

Pure Sport Run Club Baseline Testing
Pure Sport Run Club Running Prep

Technique Cues: Clean First Pull

  1. Start Position – Weight distributed through the ball to mid of the foot -Bar inline with the armpit crease -Bar behind the base of the big toe.
  2. Transition – Drive with the legs while maintaining a strong posture – Keep the bar close to your shins and
  3. End of First Pull -Weight distributed through the mid foot -Armpit crease above the bar & shins vertical

Meet Alex Morrell

Alex is a Physiotherapist and Performance Coach with over 8 years experience working within International & Professional sport.

He now runs his own Health & Performance company, Move Physiotherapy working with everyone from International Athletes to Weekend Warriors to resolve their injuries and optimise their performance.

Instagram: @alexmorrellphysio
Email: [email protected]
Any issues or questions please reach out and let us know here or you can reach out to Alex Morrell directly.