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Adaptogens have recently been taking the world of wellness by storm. More and more research is being done into these powerful natural ingredients that fortify your body against all forms of adversity. Puresport offers a range of nootropic and topicals that assist your body in dealing with the effects of stress and in utilising these adaptogens to the maximise their effect on holistic health.

Understanding Adaptogens & Their Healing Properties

An adaptogen is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as a “non-toxic substance and especially a plant extract that is held to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.”

Here at Puresport we have researched, produced, and curated an extensive range of products that contain various adaptogens. These products will equip you with that internal ammunition needed to shoot down inflammation, stress, and fatigue. You can browse our amazing range of nootropics that contain various adaptogens here.

Let’s look into a range of our adaptogenic ingredients that have been suggested to counteract the effects of stress on the body and mind. Put simply, these are nature’s health agents which work to support your internal environment through anything life can throw at it.

Puresport’s Mind + Body Mushroom Complex

What is the link between adaptogens and stress relief?

When we can adapt to stress, we perform better and feel better despite what’s stressing us out. And with that, we can also improve our health and well-being. When you’re stressed, your adrenal gland releases the stress hormone cortisol which then catalyses your fight or flight response to tackle a perceived threat. Humans have evolved to produce cortisol in order to negotiate uncomfortable events as a matter of survival; our brains struggle to distinguish which events actually are life-threatening however.

As a result, cortisol causes your body to react in such a way that imbalances its homeostatic equilibrium, leading to a variety of physiological responses which can cause discomfort and pain. Increased cortisol levels can cause:

  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Unsettling of the gut microbiome
  • Sense of panic
  • Increasing of heart rate
  • Migraines and cluster headaches
  • Impairing ability to focus

Adaptogens therefore assist in recalibrating the body to feel at its best following periods of sustained stress and fatigue.

What are the benefits of adaptogens?

In 1968, Israel I. Brekhman PhD and Dr. I. V. Dardymov believed that an adaptogen needed three characteristics.

These three characteristics are:

1) Be nontoxic to the body’s physiological function

2) Offer widespread support, including physical, chemical, and biological

3) Help bring the body back to equilibrium

Adaptogens act to restabilise the body and in particular support its response to stress. Adaptogens target and support our adrenals, the glands that handle hormonal response to stress and help us manage our anxiety and fatigue.

Some well-known adaptogenic herbs

There are a variety of adaptogens listed below are some popular adaptogenic herbs and a brief explanation of their benefits:

Bacopa Monnieri:

This adaptogen is also known as brahmi and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to increase certain brain chemicals that are involved in learning, memory, and thinking. This adaptogen features in our UNWIND capsules and has the potential to lower the frequency of anxious thoughts and preoccupations; it does this by supposedly interacting with the dopamine and serotonergic systems.


This mushroom dates back over two thousand years to the Han dynasty, where it is known as the “elixir of mortality”. It has been suggested historically increase memory functions and enhance anti-aging effects. Reishi contains beta-D glucan, which aids in boosting and enhancing the immune system while also reducing swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties. Reishi is one of the six amazing mushrooms in our Mind + Body Mushroom Complex.

Reishi growing from the base of a tree

Lion’s Mane:

The lion’s mane mushroom’s properties are phenomenal, including antibacterial, anticandidal, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory benefits. There is some suggestion that the mushroom is capable of stimulating the growth of neurons in the brain. Lion’s mane is one of the hero ingredients within our BOOST nootropic range which helps with sharpening your mind and also fortifying your immune system during the cold, dark winter months.

Rhodiola Rosea:

This adaptogen is known as an athlete’s best friend as it helps to support the immune system following an intense period of exercise. When the body needs emotional calm, it aids in lowering cortisol levels, and when it conversely requires cerebral stimulation, rhodiola helps increase mental clarity. This plant has been shown to normalise blood sugar, decrease exhaustion symptoms, and offer aphrodisiac and depressant effects.

How to include adaptogens in your daily routine

Although adaptogens are incredible supplements to add to your wellness routine, it is essential that they are combined with an existing set of healthy habits. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating whole, unprocessed foods, engaging in regular exercise, spending time in nature and practicing self-care are important constituents to a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Adaptogens for long-term stress: 

It has been recommended that ashwagandha and Asian ginseng soothe long-term sources of stress and the hormone imbalances that may result from it. Some research has suggested that holy basil, or tulsi, may help lower stress levels. Ashwagandha features as a constituent ingredient within our CLARITY range our magic mixture that negates the effects of stress whilst also enhancing cognitive function. By helping the body negotiate anxiety and expedite its recovery from fatigue, Ashwagandha can be seen as a particularly powerful adaptogen in counteracting sustained stress.

Ashwagandha root and powdered ashwagandha

Adaptogens for acute stress and anxiety: 

Some research suggests that Siberian ginseng and rhodiola rosea  may help mediate fight-or-flight stress responses. People use Siberian ginseng to boost the immune system, physical stamina and sexual health; rhodiola is believed to improve energy, physical performance and memory; and schisandra is thought to improve liver function and gastrointestinal problems. Whilst the research to support these claims is in its infancy, the reports and personal stories of people utilising ginseng and rhodiola is extremely encouraging.

Adaptogens for immune health: 

Reishi and ginseng have been found in some small studies to boost immunity. Cordyceps are also important to enhance the performance and stability of your immune system. Some studies show that this mushroom enhances physical performance by increasing the body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is vital for carrying oxygen to your body and delivering energy to muscles.

Natural Supplements with Adaptogenic Herbs and Ingredients

Puresport offers a range of fantastic adaptogen-based products that each have a specific function in mind to support your body in dealing with those tough moments of stress and fatigue.

Our Female Balance Hormone Health supplement is replete with adaptogens. This product is an innovative blend of eight of the finest natural ingredients that we have curated to assist females in negotiating the hormonal turbulence that is associated with their menstrual cycles. It is important to stress on this that these ingredients are natural and help elicit hormonal responses to counter the peaks and troughs that come about with the changing hormone levels during the month. It is an extremely powerful and versatile supplement.

Both Female Balance and our CBD, Turmeric, and Ginger capsules contain turmeric. Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin, an active ingredient responsible for the spice’s high level of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Curcumin has also been linked to improved brain function and lowered risk of brain and heart diseases too. Ultimately, it’s an all-round key ingredient that works with other adaptogens to prepare your body for all that may come its way.